Purpose and values

Thailand Christian Network Foundation (TCN) is an interdenominational Network of various congregations in Thailand.


We are not a church. We are here to help already established churches in Thailand to succeed with their mission. Our heart is to train leaders for the locale churches and to see them growing in discipleship.


Our passion is to see people experience God as a good Father and to help people dare to believe in the abilities that God has given them and act on it!


Our confession is that Jesus is our only Savior and our best role model.  

In summary, everything we do should help people to live a life as disciples of Jesus. In our network, this life is characterized by our five values

Goodness - We will make God's goodness available.

Missional life - Mission is the life we live, not just an activity we do.

Unity - With respect for the uniqueness of the individual we will promote unity among people and congregations.

Integrated life – By the power of God's grace, we will seek to live the life we preach.

Reproduction - What we teach and receive will be practical, helpful, and easy to pass on.

Our values are decisive for the way we do things. We want everyone who is in relation to TCN to recognize this in terms of cultures that are embedded in staff, visiting teams, and all our arrangements.

TCN is working in close partnership with IMI Church in Stavanger, Norway. A friendship and partnership that has developed greatly since the first contact was established in 2005.


TCN has its origins in a collaboration between IMI Church, Norwegian Mission Society, and Evangelical Lutheran Church of Thailand, but now operating as an independent and interdenominational foundation.